mediation Reduces conflict

Mediation involves a number of sessions which is a mixture of one to one with a mediator and joint sessions altogether. Time and dates are agreed by all. Mediation provides all in attendance equal time to discuss the issue in depth. Family mediation normally 2-3 sessions of an hour to an hour and half in length and civil mediation (workplace, community, SEND) 4 hours in duration.

The cost of a MIAM is £100 per person (initial assessment required before family mediation commences).

 Family mediation follows after the MIAM and is £80 per person per hour.

Civil Mediation (anything outside of family issues) is £100 per person per hour.

Mediation information advice meeting (miam)

Family disputes require attendance at a MIAM before any court applications can be made.  A MIAM (Mediation Information Advice Meeting) is the first mediation session. This is where you meet the mediator for the first time for a brief discussion about the situation and whether mediation is suitable.  Mediation is not suitable in cases of domestic violence and/or child abuse. The mediator will also provide you with information about alternative ways to resolve your dispute and costs of mediation if you choose it as a suitable option. A direct court application may be deemed necessary If mediation is unsuccessful.

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​cost of mediation 

a  neutral person

The mediator is qualified in dispute resolution and will aim to explore the issues with you in depth. The process follows the mediator code of practice. The aim is to find ways forward and to reach an agreement which is mutually acceptable to all parties involved.


The mediator will assist all people involved in the argument/dispute to think of different possibilities to resolve the disagreement. Most importantly because mediation is voluntary service you can withdraw from mediation at any time.


​length  of mediation 


Family, SEND and civil mediation is confidential and what is agreed remains with those involved only. If all people in the disagreement can agree on a way forward a proposal is signed by all. Mediation empowers you to make your own decisions. In the case of child arrangements and financial remedies issues a proposal of settlement can be referred to your appointed solicitor who in turn can make an application to court for a consent order making your proposal/agreement legally binding.


Family, SEND and civil mediation involves a  neutral person to sit with those who are in dispute/argument. The neutral person is a qualified mediator who is trained in conflict resolution. 

The mediator does not judge or impose a solution but helps all people concerned to work towards a mutually satisfactory outcome and where appropriate formalised in to an official proposal/agreement signed document.  

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The aim of mediation is to reduce conflict and improve communication between the different parties. The mediation process can help towards drafting an agreement/ settlement/proposal document.  This document can be given to a solicitor to advise and turned in to a draft consent order to be presented to court for approval. A consent order is legally binding.

There are three types of mediation service: civil mediation (employment, business, neighbourhood), special educational needs (SEND) and family mediation (separation/divorce/child arrangements)

Civil/Family/SEND mediation offers a safe managed space to discuss the issues that matter at a time & date which is convenient. Mediation empowers you to take control of what will happen.   

Family private court proceedings Click here for more information resolved outside of the mediation process can cost per person on average £3,000 with the costs continuing to rise with legal representation in court. Family financial court proceedings can escalate up to £30,000 dependent on the complexity of the case. Contact us to find out if your situation is suitable for mediation and avoid unnecessary legal cost.

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